Sun and cycling: the perfect combination. Although we’re not just sunny-day cyclists we have to admit that, when temperatures rise and the sun comes out, we’re more likely to hit the road. Razor sharp cyclists’ tan lines on the arms and legs that survive through to the winter are usually the sign of a very good summer. And while you should always use sun cream to prevent sunburn (or worse) there are a lot of riders who make a competition of getting the sharpest tan lines as possible, often much to the amusement and/or derision of non-cyclists.

When you spend a whole day in the saddle during a cycling adventure, it can be inconvenient to slather on sun cream every two hours. And you have to bring along a tube of cream that takes up space, adds weight and (fill in your own excuse here). But now that Pelotan is here, you can be assured of the sharpest tan lines — or at least that’s the theory.

Developed by cyclists

Pelotan (geddit?) was developed by cyclists, which means that several frustrations common to the two-wheeled community have been eliminated. According to the developers Pelotan does not mark clothing, which means you can use it once you’ve already put on your cycling gear without suffering splodges of gloop and ruining your expensive kit. No only that, but it’s EU-approved, suitable for every skin type, water- and sweat-proof, and is effective for eight hours!


Pelotan is officially still an Indiegogo project, but the first batch of orders has already been sent. The brand is also the official sun screen provider for the British Ribble Pro Cycling Team in 2018. Next year they plan to sponsor a women’s team.

Interested? Check out the Pelotan website.