We know the names, we know the looks, and sometimes we hear the voices during an interview. But who really is the human being behind that pair of sport glasses? In our ‘person behind the rider’ series we try to get to know professional cyclists a little bit better—this time, we’ve got 8 questions for Simon Geschke.

Photo: Cor Vos

Geschke is well-known for his love of music. His playlists are often heard in the Team Sunweb bus, where he has the nickname DJ Simoni.

1. How does your enjoyment of music help you as a rider?

I use music to relax. Either before the race, during transfers in the bus, or just when I’m travelling. I never have the TV on; I always listen to music. Maybe that’s how it all started before I was given DJ-ing duties in the Grand Tours. But either way, for me, music is very important.

2. Which rock act did you last see live?

I don’t even remember the name; it was a Swedish punk band. Pretty random, to be honest!

3. Which band, past or present, would you most like to see the play live?

I would really like to see Greta van Fleet, which is a really good new band. For bands that are no longer around, I think I would choose The Doors.

4. You’ve got your own branded beard balm. How is Geschke’s Beard Balm catching on internationally?

It’s going well actually. We launched it last year during the Tour and now we ship it all over the world. We have clients in the USA, El Salvador, Australia and a number of other exotic places. It’s great because cycling is an international sport and it’s nice to see this beard balm thing growing.

5. Is there a bearded brotherhood in the peloton?

Well, not exactly, but I have distributed some samples of my beard balm to Roy Curvers and Laurens ten Dam, for example, and they are satisfied customers!

6. Is it true that you are a guitarist?

Well, I try to be [Geschke laughs]. But when you race two Grand Tours a year, you miss out on some months practice.

7. Which guitars do you have?

I have a Gibson Les Paul electric, and a Taylor small body acoustic guitar.

8. Will we see you on stage one day?

Haha.. perhaps after my sports career I will have a couple of years as an average guitar player, one day!