Power metres are becoming ever more popular among sport-orientated cyclists, and a few small manufacturers are creating products for riders who don’t have a fortune to spend on this gadget. Watteam, makers of the “cheaper power metre for the DIY mechanic“, have upgraded their offering and created what could be a single power metre for all your bikes.

The people at Watteam strive to make power metres as cheap as possible so that many more riders can afford to step into the world of wattage. However, affixing Watteam’s earlier G2 model to your bike requires a few more skills than a (more expensive) bolt-on solution, considering the fact you must sand and glue the G2’s sensor onto your crank.


The PowerBeat G3 still requires you to stick a sensor housing onto the crank. But whereas with the G2 you glue the sensor itself to the crank, with the G3 you glue a housing that contains a detachable mini-computer.

G3 2×2

What difference does this make? Firstly, the housing is stronger than that used in the previous model, which is useful for general durability and when cleaning your cranks. But the biggest advantage is that you can buy one or more of the housings and then switch the sensor itself between bikes. This is ideal for fanatics who switch cycles for training and races, for example. Or switch between a time trial bike and a road bike.

Another positive feature of this upgrade is that Watteam have kept the price the same as the previous model: $259 for one power metre. A set for two bikes will cost you $599. Roughly speaking, two power metres for the price of one.