Do you need to temporarily mount an extra bottle cage on your bike? You may be going on a long adventure, and want to mount a frame bag where you would normally have a bottle. Or perhaps you have a cyclocross bike without bottle cage mounts, and need a mobile and flexible solution? Well, Wolf Tooth has an answer: the B-Rad BaseStrap.

Wolf Tooth strap action

Wolf Tooth, a hip-and-happening sprocket shop in Burnsville, Minnesota, has made a quick and very simple solution for those who want to add an extra bottle to their set-up. Simply put: it’s two straps with an aluminium plate. You wrap the velcro straps around the part of the bike where you want your bottle, and then bolt the bottle cage to it.

Simple yet effective

The straps have a sticky silicone layer to ensure they grip whichever part of your bike to want your bottle to adorn, and the aluminium plate is accompanied by some protective strips to protect your precious frame.

Wolf tooth

Extra care

Although we believe Wolf Tooth’s claim that their system will stay firmly in place, we would still feel happier protecting our paintwork. We would probably add a layer of tape before mounting the B-Rad Strap Base, as dirt and gritty grime has a habit of working its way under straps and grinding away at the paintwork with systems like this.

Wolf tooth

Wolf Tooth charges $25 for the system, plus $10 to ship to Europe. Could be worth waiting to see when this gets stocked over here—but you may have your adventure planned and need a quick solution to your bottle cage needs. If so, visit the Wolf Tooth website for further information.

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