We are currently enjoying the late summer weather: it’s not too cold and we still have the urge to go outside and enjoy the sun. But, soon enough, the summer will be over and we will have to deal with training in the cold, wet and dark again. Or deal with riding to the train station and arriving soaking wet after the commute. Preparation is key and the right jacket can make a big difference. In order to arm yourself against this weather, the people at Rapha have come up with an interesting line of jackets.

The Rapha Commuter Jacket

The jackets of the Rapha Commuter Jacket series are made from a breathable waterproof material. The material has been modified with a so-called hydrophobic membrane and a DWR (durable water repellent) treatment, and may be worn in any weather, so you can likely ride through a storm and stay dry. You only have to worry about what pants to wear…

Rapha Commuter Jacket

The jackets are available in four colours, for both men and women: yellow, orange, pink, and black. If you want to stand out in gloomy weather, the first three will keep you visible even on the greyest of days. These colours will also keep you visible when your bike light stops working and you have to ride home in the dark.

Rapha Commuter Jacket

Another useful feature on the jacket is a pattern of reflective dots in the design. They are hardly noticeable at first, but when car headlights shine on the jacket the dots can’t be missed—and so neither can you. Lastly, the zipper is also made of a special material, making the jacket completely waterproof. The jackets have a suggested retail price of €120 and can be bought here.