We just can’t seem to write enough about new kit. It would seem that everything has been done before, but still Kickstarter campaigns are popping up and even artists are getting involved to come up with unique, new designs. Occasionally one of the larger brands surprises us with a special collection, and less often it’s only available for women. But Rapha is a brand for everyone. In all markets.

Hidden Leaves Collection

This special collection was developed in collaboration with pro cyclist Hannah Barnes. Leaves are falling off the trees, preluding autumn, but for Barnes it’s her favourite time of year to ride her bike Autumn is a time she can relax and let the weight fall from her shoulders after the busy road season. No more structured training blocks, no more interval training sessions nor hill repetitions. Just cycling for cycling. Discovering the outside world.

Autumn as inspiration

Although a beginner cyclist may have other opinions about the autumn season, Rapha has used the season as inspiration for its new women’s kit. The shades of autumn leaves are used for the colour palette. Therefore the kit’s colours mainly consist of rust-red and deep-green shades. On top of that the patterns resembles the falling leaves.

Set for autumn

In addition to the colours, the entire clothing line is ideal for autumn days. The tall socks are made of a thicker fabric offering more warmth, and the matching cap will keep the cold rain out of your face. There is also a matching base-layer and long-sleeved jacket available.

Do you see yourself cycling in this unique kit? You can order it on the Rapha site. The bib goes for €215, -. The jersey (with short sleeves) costs €145, -.