“Inspiring” isn’t the first word that comes to our minds when we’re asked what we think of asphalt. The dark, unforgiving gunge sticks to your tyres on the hottest summer days, and if you hit it at around 43 kilometres per hour, and are forced to study it rather too closely, the true meaning of pain becomes clear.

However, during major bike races such as the Tour de France, cycling fans and attention-seekers transform those monotone twisty strips into gritty works of art. Some are more original than others but in general the bike race road graffiti is quite fun. And admit it, when you ride well-known climbs in the French Alps it adds to the experience to watch the words drift past under your wheels.

Road Graffiti

This must have been exactly the idea that the designers at Rapha had when designing their special edition Road Graffiti Collection: the clothing line is inspired by the words regularly painted onto the roads during the more well-known stages of the Tour de France route.

The new textile design features on eight different pieces of clothing, for both the fast riders who climb in the Alps under the burning sun and those who hit the road in cooler climes, such as the Low Countries. The clothes are also for both men and women cyclists.

Curious about the people who paint the roads during the Tour de France? Check out the video below: