Cycling is a sport for everyone, whether you participate in cyclocross, road races or do adventurous cycling tours. Every discipline requires specialised products, however. And for the touring enthusiasts, Rapha has developed a new so-called sleep system.

Rapha Explore

The new sleep system is part of Rapha’s new Explore collection. The slogan of this collection is Pack light, travel far, and all products have been developed with this in mind. Therefore, Explore is mainly for adventurous cyclists discovering the world by bike – cyclists who might participate, for example, in the Transcontinental Race.

Sleeping bag + coat

The concept behind adventure rides and bicycle touring is that everything will be taken with you on your bike. Functionality, weight and size are crucial factors in packing the right stuff, and Rapha’s new sleeping bag and accompanying jacket meet all these requirements. The jacket weighs only 238g, and includes reflectors and a hood, which are great for colder days or when the darkness sets in.

For anyone who chooses to sleep in the outdoors, there is a valuable addition to this new collection: the sleeping bag. But it’s not a traditional bag. To save weight, the upper part of Rapha’s sleeping bag is made of lightweight nylon. This means that, according to Rapha, cyclists won’t overheat but will still manage the cold effectively.

The sleeping bag is designed to keep your legs warm. But this doesn’t just apply to when you are sleeping: if you have to leave your tent in the morning to make a delicious cup of hot coffee, your sleeping bag can still be worn. Rapha has put zippers at the bottom of the bag for you! So you could even wear the whole thing throughout breakfast. Open the zipper, put your shoes on and go!

With the prices of €260,- for the jacket and €290,- for the sleeping bag, it’s obvious the company is not focused on the everyday cyclist. But these new products do fill a gap for the needs of adventurous cyclists. Such nomads will be rubbing their hands together in anticipation to try them out in the great outdoors. Happy cycling!