If you like to suffer on the bike, you’re probably keen to measure your performance. Smartwatches are quite useful for this but require the rider to look down to see how they’re doing—if you’re climbing a brutal French col, then you obviously don’t not have time for that. Not to mention the danger of going blindly into a descent. To counter these issues, the Raptor AR smartglasses could be a perfect solution.

Keeping track of everything

The Raptor AR smartglasses look like ordinary sports glasses, so it’s not obvious to a passersby that you’re riding around with an impressive piece of technology. But you know better. By pairing the glasses with your smartphone you could be reading text messages while you cycle, for example. Usage depends on the rider, of course, and most important of all is that the glasses present your performance data quite literally before your eyes.

Raptor AR Smartglass

In the smartglasses’ lens you see your speed, your power output, your heart rate and the duration of your current effort. The video below gives a good idea of what it looks like from a cyclist’s perspective:


The smartglasses are also equipped with built-in navigation, so you know which way to go—no more low averages due to unexpected breaks to find the route on your phone. And if you climb an impressive mountain, you can capture this ascent (and descent!) with the built-in camera. Perfect for a nice after-movie. Or you can use the camera as a kind of instructional video, where you give live comments so that other cyclists know exactly what is waiting for them on a particular route.

Raptor AR Smartglass

The only drawback of these glasses? With an suggested USA retail price of $649, this clever piece of technology is not cheap. If this price doesn’t slow you down, however, then you can a order a pair here.