Changing terrain from road to rough? Don’t want to change the tyres? How about just zipping on your mountainbike tyres over those smooth road tyres? Sounds crazy, and we are curious if this Norwegian concept makes it, but the reTyre Zipper very much exists. This is a real “out of the box” idea.

Zipping on the knobbly outer tyre only takes a minute, the makers say

Integrated fastening

Billed in the marketing materials as an “integrated fastening system”, the Retyre (as fas as we can see from the publicity) has a zip running around each side which you use to zip on the new outer tyre. We’re a little sceptical about this one, we have to admit. Running tyres that are not directly in contact with whatever it is that is inflating them seems rather risky to us.

Tyre clearance?

Tyre clearances is another big question mark. (Tyre clearance is the distance between the outer tyre and the bicycle frame.) This concept certainly won’t work for fast, modern road bikes with tight tyre clearances, as the extra rubber will simply jam between wheel and frame.

But having said that, both commuter, gravel and mountain bikes all have much bigger gaps between wheels and frame. The reTyre could be the perfect solution for commuters, for example, who want smooth tyres for the daily urban cycling during the week, and an easy conversion for mudlarking at the weekend.

They also have a set with metal studs sticking out: perfect for when the c-cold winter comes.

Concept? Kickstarter!

The website says reTyres are coming to Kickstarter soon, so you too may be able to help make this project a reality. We’re going to sit on the fence with this one for the moment, but would really like to see the reTyre in action in order to test out its pros and cons. You can also pre-order a set on their website, for 40% discount.