Anyone who lives in the city and likes to cycle knows that adequate space can be an issue. Bringing your bike inside when you live on the third floor is a hassle; but worrying about someone stealing it when it’s outside is a major concern too. This is a problem we might no longer have in the future however. Thanks to designer and inventor Revolve, you can now have a wheel that is both easy to remove and folds up into a small carry item!

Save space in one step

At first we thought it was a technique to unfold a complete bike, but it’s not! The video below shows how the Revolve works and how easy it is to remove it and take it with you.

Next you ask yourself: what are you supposed to do with just one wheel? Not much without a frame. Perhaps the wheel will make it easier to bring your bike on the plane, because you could easily remove two Revolves and pack them separately. Since they are very compact, you could easily put the wheels in your suitcase next to your clothes. Just don’t forget to clean them first!


The Revolve also gives you a clear advantage if you have a wheelchair. The video above shows how the Revolve works for this purpose. It is evidently much easier to fold a wheelchair when you can remove the big wheels, and this makes it more convenient to bring a wheelchair when travelling on public transportation.

It will take some time before the wheels are available to purchase. You can read more about it here.