New Kickstarter projects go online every day. A lot of them don’t achieve their targets, which often means the products never go to market. So, every month we like to check out interesting projects that may one day enrich our cycling lives. This month’s project is the RF-1, a cycling accessory that combines GPS, dual LED headlights, and a HD camera all in one device.

The RF-1 is a cycling computer for the adventurous. And while the market for bike computers might appear rather saturated, the team behind Refactor Fitness (the startup that has developed the RF-1) still see room for improvement.

Battery life

The project was inspired by the inventor J. Kevin Crowell’s frustration at owning a whole bunch of battery-operated cycling accessories, all of which had to be used and charged up individually. His goal was to drastically simplify and combine a number of devices into one tool, that also has over 12-hours of battery capacity.

See the light

You’ve probably been there: a social ride on a balmy summer evening that lasts a little longer than planned. As a result, you ride through the dusk at speed because you didn’t take any lights with you. The RF-1 would certainly avoid part of that problem, for it has two built-in LED lights with a decent beam (120 lumen) to shine you home. (No back light, though…)


Why can a smartphone include a perfectly good camera, but a bike computer can’t? Good question; for no reason you can think of. Whether or not you really need it, is another question… but the RF-1 has a built-in camera ready to record your most epic rides in full HD. The internal memory is 32 gigabytes, which should be good for between six and eight hours of 1080p video. Not bad for those beautiful shots of your exotic rides in the French Alps or Mallorca, for example.

Worth the investment?

If you’re an adventurous cyclist, we can imagine that you wouldn’t want to be without this multi-talented device. It’s been developed by a cyclist, who himself was inspired was by typical cyclists’ gripes. He therefore also knows exactly what you have to watch out for in designing the head unit—for example, the screen is fully legible even in bright sunlight.

If you invest more than $289 on the Kickstarter page, you could become one of the first lucky people to ride around with an RF-1. You will need a friend in the US though, as it currently only delivered in the US.