Always wanted to experience what it’s like to be a professional bike racer? Now’s your chance! Sign up for the opportunity to join the Oakley Cycling Tour and you could find yourself in a peloton with one of your heroes.

The real deal

On July 17, 2018, the winners of the Dutch edition will be totally spoilt by the makers of the coolest sunglasses you can buy. There’ll be a shuttle bus with its engine running ready to take you to the event from the nearest (international) airport, or train station. Winners of the Dutch and UK Oakley Tours are only eligible to win the Tour in their respective countries. But if you do succeed, you’ll be in for a major experience packed with activities, including assistance from professional sportspeople and and overnight stay in a three-star hotel.

Your bike and clothing will, of course, be ready for you to use for the day.

Obsessed by cycling

Entering is quite simple. You first have to sign up, then upload a maximum of five photos or videos which well illustrate your cycling obsession. A jury will then decide the winners. What’s holding you back?!