It’s unsurprising a lot of manufacturers renew their product lines every year. Neither is it particularly striking that the focus of the new range of Specialized cycling helmets is focused on the safety of its users. But the latest developments on this front are quite noteworthy, to say the least. Time to meet the safest Specialized helmet up until now.

High-tech Specialized helmets

Firstly, this highly-respected brand in the cycling world has warmly embraced MIPS (multi-directional impact system) technology. It took them a while, but the entire Specialized helmet range in 2019 features MIPS technology. But Specialized wouldn’t be Specialized if they hadn’t created their own version of the system. Standard MIPS helmets include an ‘inner helmet’ made of plastic. That inner helmet can move independently of the outer helmet. This movement reduces the effect of an impact on the brain, the experts say. Premium helmets are fitted with MIPS SL technology. At the moment of writing, these Specialized helmets are the only equipped with MIPS SL. This version of MIPS does away with the plastic inner helmet and replaces it with padding designed to move independently in case of impact. The idea is that this ensures a better fit, without dispensing with the safety benefits. But that’s not all: meet ANGi.


Specialized helm MIPS SL


ANGi stands for Angular and G-Force indicator, and is a crash detection sensor which is fitted to the helmets. The start-up which invented the sensor, ICEdot, was taken over by the US-based Specialized in 2017. ANGi detects crashes and starts a timer. If this timer is not switched off by the wearer of the helmet, the app which is connected to the sensor sends messages to the person whom you have designated as an ’emergency contact’. The messages automatically includes GPS location information about the crash. The ANGi sensor will only work if it is linked to the respective app on the rider’s telephone via bluetooth. The smartphone must also have decent network reception in order to send the messages in the first place. It’s also possible to get ANGi to send an automatic message if you fail to ‘check in’ after a user-specified period of time.

All in all, Specialized’s improved cyclist-friendly features could be life-saving. Not only does this Specialized helmet offer extra protection, it gives extra peace of mind for cyclists who often ride alone. Interested in the new range of Specialized helmets? Check out their website.