In honour of the Vuelta a Espana, Spanish clothing designer Santini has released a completely new clothing line.

Santini offers a lot of new designs

Santini is clothing sponsor for the Vuelta’s top riders’ jerseys, so it makes sense that they’d eventually design their own line. Now anyone can cycle around in a jersey just like the leaders in the Spanish Grand Tour.

Vuelta shirts Santini

However, if you want to ride in an outfit that is less flashy, Santini has a selection of modest new kits available too. The first kit, named after the Kilometro Cero (Kilometre Zero, the geographical centre of Spain), is an ode to Puerta Del Sol, which is one of the most famous squares in Madrid’s old town. The jersey is a mix of dark and light-blue with touches of red and yellow, representing the Spanish flag.

The second kit, Malaga, is inspired by the beautiful city it is named after. Malaga happens to also be the birthplace of Pablo Picasso, and Santini has created a design to honour both the city and its famous artist. It is a classic looking jersey with blue and white Breton stripes. The logotype mimics the minarets of the mosques that you find in Malaga.

At one of the stages of the Vuelta, the peloton ends on the climb up to Lagos de Covadonga. This climb has s section with a 15 percent gradient, which is called the La Huesera, or the cemetery. This next kit is kind of dark and has images of bones to symbolise abandonment. There’s something for everyone, evidently…

The next kit, the Vasco kit, is inspired by the Basque people from the north of Spain who are known for being the most fanatical cycling fans in the world. Santini pays tribute to the Basque flag with it’s colour selections—everyone should soon be familiar with this flag, as it will be on display in all of the stages of the Vuelta.

The last outfit is an ode to Andorra, where the Vuelta will end in a stage featuring no less than six climbs. The kit’s design incorporates these six mountains, whilst the sleeves and zipper represent the grey mountain gravel.


The different kits and accessories can be found here.