Although the nice weather of the summer is behind us, there should be some good weekends this autumn that will yield beautiful cycling weather. For most city dwellers, you can take a 20-minute ride from your home and find yourself in nature. If you want to spend the weekend away, and bring all of your stuff with you, however, then you need a great bag. Silca’s Maratona Gear Bag can give the adventurous cyclist everything they need.

Perfect for a weekend away

The big advantage of this bag is that you can separate your bike stuff from the rest of the items you want to take with you. For example, the bag is designed with a handy box in which you can put your cycling shoes. But perhaps even more important is the special ventilation of this box, which will prevent your shoes from smelling up the bag. In addition, there are special holders for your water bottles and bike pump.

Maratona Gear Bag

If you plan to fly, and pack your bike onboard, the Maratona can be carry-on luggage. It can be worn as a backpack, or used as a duffel bag. This way you don’t to have to wait at baggage reclaim, which can waste a lot of time.

Maratona Gear Bag

In terms of material, the Maratona is made of so-called 600D Nylon and has an exterior that is water-repellent. What’s more, it looks cool, and has a textured black colour. The inside is red, so you can easily find your things—this really helps when you want to bring some smaller accessories.

Maratona Gear Bag

You can make the bag bigger as well, but then the bag will no longer pass as carry-on luggage. So be warned! In the small version there is room for 44 litres of equipment; in the largest version there is room for 60 litres.

Are you still looking for an ideal bag for a next cycling adventure? Or just a way to get your stuff organised for a race? The Maratona Gear Bag costs $180 and can be ordered here.