When it comes to the crunch there are two types of must-have cycling accessories when you’re on the road. The first type fall into the category bidon and cycling computer. The second are less essential, but can make you life a lot easier: think cycling bell and tool roll. This category of products really has to convince cyclists to part with their money. Silca makes a (very good) effort with its tool roll: the Silca Seat Premio Roll.

Silca Seat Premio Roll

The Silca Seat Premio Roll is this US-based company’s re-invention of the under-saddle bag. A lot of tool/accessory bags which fit under the saddle are either too big or too small. And let’s not start talking about annoying and failure-prone zips. This little baby is different. It’s a tool roll with a BOA fastener, as seen on many a shoe. Huh? We hear you say…

Silca Seat Premio Roll

De Silca Seat Premio Roll fits particularly well under a Brooks saddle


But it’s obviously not worth considering a new tool bag, purely on the basis of a fastening system like BOA. But thanks to its canny design, you can roll it into a variety of shapes which means it is always at its smallest, whatever you decide to carry.


A multi-tool, an inner tube and two tyre levers, what more do you need on the road?

When you unroll it, the Silca seat premio has three main compartments, giving you plenty of space to organise your bits and pieces. This is ideal for carrying a multi-tool, a spare inner tube, tyre levers and a CO2 capsule or two. The bad news for cyclists who prefer to carry their air in a more traditional fashion: there’s no room for a pump here, you’ll have to put that in your jersey back pocket.

In order to prevent the contents jumping out on rough roads, Silca has designed an ample flap which you can fold over to keep everything secure, before you tighten the roll securely beneath your saddle, using the strap and BOA combination.

Top or flop?

By taking a new look at the saddle-bag, Silca has successfully created a new tool roll design. You will have to decide if this offers you enough room. But it is good to know that the build quality (as is the case with all Silca products) is high. The outside layer has a water-resistent wax layer, and the stitching is made from reflective material. And all that for a mere €43.05. If you like the idea, check out this link.