Silca creates some of the most mouth-watering handmade cycling accessories in the world today. This new bottle cage is so exclusive, we don’t have a price yet as it won’t start shipping until August. But start saving: one thing is certain, it won’t be cheap.


The company is formerly from Milan, Italy, but is now based in Indianapolis, USA. are the makers of “that” bicycle floor pump (the Silca SuperPista Ultimate) which costs around €450 euros, and the Centennial Anniversary allen key set which costs upwards of €150. This week they have announced a new product: a titanium bottle cage. For the cyclist who has everything.

Purpleheart Wood handles of the SuperPista Ultimate

The Silca SuperPista Ultimate Floor Pump gained the company a certain amount of notoriety, as to normal humans it appeared quite expensive.

The Centennial Anniversary allen key set – for your birthday list


But check out these early photos of what could be a pricey item for your bidon. The product will be launched some time between the end of the Tour de France and the prologue of the Tour of Spain.