SILCA are the makers of cool gadgets and the freshest and most expensive bike pump in the world. They have now just designed a top tube bag for bikes fitted with top tube bolt lugs: the Speed Capsule TT.

Opening at speed

Anyone who regularly rides time trials knows that you need reliable equipment. Grabbing a gel and consuming it during the event can be a tougher job than you might think, and you don’t want anything to go wrong. You are riding at the limit, breathing in is uncomfortable, and you need the top tube bag to do its job.

The bolts locate in standard top-tube mounting lugs.

Be seen, be safe

This bag has been designed with functionality in mind. It’s rigid, and this makes opening and closing easy, even while riding extremely fast. The bag also has highly reflective side panels from 3M, providing excellent visibility in poor conditions.

Rigidity is the key to functionality.

The bag can be moved fore and aft, though admittedly not much (10mm). But as all time trialists know, sometimes it’s the smallest adjustments that make all the difference. The bag costs around $34. This could be the icing on the cake for effective nourishment during that crucial TT or triathlon.