Every keen sportsperson these days is tracking their training through their smartphone, smartwatch, or other device. The Solo glasses may, in the near future, enhance them all.

I do notice that I am much more motivated to push my limits when my Apple Watch is setting goals for me. The only disadvantage is that I have to look down at the screen to monitor my progress—anyone who is training at full gas should obviously avoid this.

If you’re riding your bike at 40 kph, you really have to keep all eyes on what’s going on around you. That’s where Kopin and their new Solos smart glasses come in: more than just a normal set of sunnies, the Solos relay all the information you need into your field of vision without you having to take your eye off the road.

Solos glasses from Kopin

You do have to be rather careful with these glasses. They will cost around $500 dollars, which is roughly €400. And there’s a good chance that by the time they get over here they’ll cost more than €500 thanks to the wonderful value-added tax system. But you do get what you pay for.

The Solos smart glasses have an integrated Heads-up Pupil Display, which shows a number of data fields in high resolution. They show you heart rate, power stats, speed, and navigational aids. You can also listen to music and give voice commands. If you’re riding in a group, you can link pairs of glasses with other riders and communicate with each other—handy if you get dropped and are left behind. The Solos smart glasses work with iOS and Android smartphones, and can also be used in conjunction with Android Wear 2.0 smartwatches. Could this be how the future looks?