The summer is over and as the season changes into autumn the days will get darker. Everything becomes less visible, especially if it rains a lot, and it’s hard for motorists to see you on your bicycle. So, you need lights. But not some that get in the way of your cycling performance; instead, for being seen and staying fast, the Specialized Flux 1200 provides everything you need.

See during the dark days

The Specialized Flux 1200 uses a dual beam system that ensures you can see a long distance ahead of you. The system uses two so-called CREE XP-L LED lights, which together provide about nine percent more lumens than previous models and therefore allow you to light up the street better. Furthermore, the Specialized Flux 1200 is built so that it illuminates an area spanning 180 degrees ahead of you. So you will always catch that cat deciding to run across the road in front of you, before it does so.

Specialized Flux 1200

The Specialized Flux 1200 is equipped with a 3400 mAH Li-ion battery, which ensures that your ride will not be impacted by lost power. You can easily charge the battery with a USB cable. But the lamp is not just for night use: if you need good visibility during the day there is also a daylight mode. When you switch it on, the lamp will flash so that you and your bike stand out.

If your journey takes longer than the battery life, there is a special emergency mode. This gives you a small amount of light for about 3 hours after you turn it on, so you will at least be seen on the road. This emergency light might not help you to avoid potholes in the road, however, so pay attention.

Specialized Flux 1200

You can attach the lamp in different ways. There is a mount for the helmet, for example, if your steering wheel is already full of other ingenious devices. Of course, the headlight can also be mounted on the handlebar with a matching bracket. Interesting? We think so! The Specialized Flux 1200 will be available on the market soon.