They were born in a previous generation for mountain biking. They won many events back in the day, and now they’re back—new, improved and ready to shred. Spengle triple spoke monocoque carbon wheels are called the ‘best enduro wheels on the planet’ and they’re primed for adventures in the city and way beyond. If you’ve got the cash, that is…

Tech meets ambitions

“Now that technology and production methods have caught up with our ambitions,” the company says, “we are once again producing wheels to create the best enduro wheel on the planet.” It also helps that, while Spengle’s wheels were iconic on the early mountain bike scene, for this new generation of wheels the company has applied the latest knowledge of carbon structures and computation fluid dynamics.


“Spokes suck” (hahaha)

Spengle: three spokes

The choice of three spokes in the latest Spengle design is down to keeping it simple. “It’s the simplest design that can still guarantee strength and reliability without compromising the experience of the rider,” explains Peter Lackner, Spengle’s chief technical officer.


Laboratory layered

The Spengle spokes have a distinctive ‘elbow’ shape. This structure is not just for looks, though, but instead a kind of shock absorber that uses the properties of carbon fibre to ‘redistribute the incoming forces away from the rider and across the wheel as a whole, smoothing the experience for the rider’.

Spengle is a Swiss company with over 30 years experience producing ‘high-performance carbon structures’, and they make products for the ski and motorsports industry as well as for cycling. The tri-spoke bicycle wheels are produced in Europe at Spengle’s own facility. While the tri-spoke wheels originally made their mark in mountain biking and enduro riding, the latest design is ready for the fast-growing adventure cycling and city bikes scenes.


Swiss city biking chic

Tri-spoke wheels are certainly not only built for hard-core mountain and adventure bikers. They are also at home in the city. The standard size is 27.5″ (also known as 650B). However, you may want to invest in a really heavy-duty lock, as a pair of these beauties costs around €1,490 a pair. Luckily you do get a lifetime warranty for that…


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