The Quick-Step Floors cycling team has been able to rack up an massive number of victories in the past cycling season. The team continues to rise above the competition. Of course, there is a tremendous amount of talent on the team. But there is something special about the chemistry of the riders that allows them to take win after win. They ride for each other. They give each other their very best, all of the time—and that’s why they are known as the ‘Wolfpack’.

Never give up

The Wolfpack is not a nickname—it’s their identity. Riders wear the name proudly on their jerseys. It demonstrates how close the group has become over the past years. Team leader Patrick Lefevere must have predicted that 2018 was going to be a big year for Quick-Step Floors, as he brought photographer Sigfrid Eggers along for the season. Eggers had permission to photo document anything he wanted (except when riders were naked, he was told). The photographer created a photo book that was given to each team member as a memory for life. But rest assured: the book is now for sale for cycling fans!

A look behind the scenes

The book, however, is more than just a memento for the Wolfpack. For every cycling lover, the book offers a unique look behind the scenes. Not only is the team’s lust for cycling captured by beautiful photography, but readers also see immense suffering portrayed. The images may seem normal to professional cyclists, but to us outsiders they are real eye-openers. The 240-page view into the cycling world is supported by stories behind the photos.

This makes it a must-have for cycling fanatics and lovers of beautiful coffee table books. Do you have to have this book in your collection? Now you can order through the publisher.