Wherever you are in the world it’s now unthinkable to go out on the road without a smartphone. But in the wet spring months, it could be a bit of an issue storing and transporting our phones while riding. Different brands have come up with different solutions, using waterproof zips, for example. Italian cycling manufacturer SILCA, however, has just raised the bar another notch.

SILCA Phone Wallet

The SILCA Phone Wallet is more than a simple smartphone case: it’s a totally waterproof nest and protector. And not only that, bu SILCA has also thought about other stuff too—think loose change, a bank, or credit card, or ID or even your passport. And all that in SILCA style, which means ultra-high quality and attention to detail. The case consists of a completely sealed dry bag for telephones up to the size of an iPhone XS (with a thin case), but if your telephone is larger, you can still keep it in the water-resistant storage compartment at the side. On the other side of the case is a place for credit and bank cards—also handy for you public transport card, just in case you get stranded. Everything is to hand, and you don’t have to worry that anything will fall out of your cycling jersey pocket.

Cycling jersey-friendly

Most products are developed in order to provide a solution to a problem, for example keeping your smart phone safe and dry. The designers of the SILCA Phone Wallet however didn’t start their design thinking with the phone itself, but with the place where it will be carried: the cycling jersey rear-pocket. They took the exact measurements of a jersey pocket and then began drawing. This means the pocket shape and size is optimally used. And you can carry more that way, too.


Silca Phone Wallet

The SILCA Phone Wallet in a cycling jersey with a magnetic strip to keep the whole thing in place.


The design process has borne fruit: this wallet stores all the essentials, carefully and dry. During our test we used an iPhone XS with a leather case, which fitted perfectly in the dry bag. Getting the phone out was a bit of a squeeze, but while you’re on the road you can use the touchscreen through the drybag as well. Three cards and some money, and we’re off. And while it would have fitted, I stored my door key somewhere else—I think I was afraid everything would be pushed together, and my touchscreen wasn’t worth sacrificing.

Silca Phone Wallet

Room enough for the basics.

So the SILCA Phone Wallet fits perfectly in your cycling jersey pocket. That is both and advantage and a disadvantage: yes, you use the pocket’s design optimally with the wallet. But it is nevertheless the largest object I’ve ever carried in jersey pocket. It therefore feels, initially at least, rather bulky. But this is soon overshadowed by its user-friendliness. The various compartments ensure that everything stays in its place, and the magnetic strip is also reflective, meaning in the dark you have an extra 15cm2 of visibility. This feature is becoming more and more important these days. And while it doesn’t seem like much, I believe everything helps when it comes to safety.

This is an ideal accessory for people who want extra protection for their smart phone during, say, long adventure rides—certainly if you are prepared to spend a bit of money on it. Although I know a whole bunch of racing cyclists who just stuff their phones in their jersey pockets and hope for the best. Both groups know who they are.

Interested? The SILCA Phone Wallet costs around €35 and you can order it on SILCA’s website.