In mid-2018, we drew your attention to a wonderful Kickstarter project. The brand-new edition of a rather old book: Rough Stuff Cycling. It turns out that the book was based on notes provided by The Rough Stuff Fellowship. In the spirit of the first book, a new volume is in the process of being hatched: The Rough Stuff Fellowship Archives. It’s already doubled its Kickstarter goal!

Blast from the past

The Rough Stuff Fellowship was a very British association of cycling enthusiasts. Not racers, not tourers, but adventurers. Everyone was welcome to join. The stories and photographs invoke a bygone era of cycling in the UK. Most of the material dates from the 1950s to the late 1970s.

Rough Stuff Fellowship

The author, Max Leonard, was one of the main architects of the Rough Stuff Cycling project. He’s taken it upon himself to plunge into the Fellowship’s archive, alongside the association’s official archivist Mark Hudson.

rough stuff fellowship

A mock-up of the cloth-bound edition

Since launching the project, the makers have waded through large amounts of photos. Tea brewing (a very British past time), features heavily. It will be a wonderful evocation of a type of cycling which is no longer with us, or so we might think…

Very British

“In their own quiet, very British way, these men and women were pioneers, pedalling and carrying their bikes and pitching their tents where angels feared to tread. Mountain bikes, gravel bikes, bike packing – everything followed in the tyre tracks of the RSF. This book celebrates their style and their spirit,” say the makers.

Hand-drawn nostalgia

Those who are interested in backing this cycling history project should make their way, post-haste, to the following web page.

These ripping yarns of derring-do on two wheels, accompanied by hand-drawn maps and toothsome anecdotes, are scheduled for publication in May 2019.