There is nothing more annoying than getting a flat during an exhilarating ride. The chance of this happening is already lower when you’re using tubeless tires, but even these aren’t a guarantee. And if your tubeless tire gets wrecked and you are far from home, it can be a big challenge without the right kit. The creators of the Armour tyre insert, however, think they have a solution.

A smart hybrid model

Armour was created in a collaboration between the companies Tannus and Vittoria: the former makes tires without air, while the latter produces pneumatic tyres. The Armour insert is a hybrid product utilising the best features of the two companies. The resulting set up has a fairly normal appearance, but the inner tube is replaced by the protective foam of the insert. You can also pump air into the system, so you can tweak your tire pressure yourself—and even run safely on a complete flat.

Armour band

According to the manufacturers, the insert is very easy to use and you can lower the tyre pressure to 20psi while not having to worry that the rims will be damaged on bouncy gravel and off-road terrain. The tyre should hold and not leak air, but on the rare occasion it does, you would still be able to ride as long as you keep your speed below 10kph.

One big question mark

There are some unknowns about the Armour insert. First, of course, how does it ride? In the past, these types of tyres turned out not to be comfortable on the road. In addition, how much weight do they add? Are the tires easy to maintain? And lastly, how much will they cost and when will they be released? We don’t know the answers yet and will have to wait until the product comes to market.