What have the Tour de France and Italy got in common? “Not much”, you might say. Italy has its own Grand Tour, the Giro d’Italia, but for the love of bikes saddlemaker Selle Italia has crossed the border.

French race, Italian quality

The well-known Italian saddlemaker is a Tour de France partner in 2018. As a supplier of an important part of the on-bike experience, the company is marking this new partnership with a series of saddles featuring yellow Tour accents. Quality and craftsmanship are in no way compromised, naturally.

L’Edition Limité

This limited edition series is for every cycling enthusiast. As a maker of saddles, the company knows more than most about how different people are from one another, and that some riders require a little comfort more than others do. There are five different models released in this dashing TdF design, which should appeal to a broad range of Tour de France fans.

Are you more interested in comfort than performance, and don’t mind a couple of extra grams in weight? Then the SLR TDF TI316 is perhaps the one for you: this 210-gram saddle with a generous, soft covering will cost you €160.

If you’re a more race-oriented rider, then the stiffer, lighter SLR models with carbon fibre rails might be more to your liking.

Are you a big fan of the Tour de France and looking for a new saddle? Then you might want to go for these limited edition Italian saddles with French sauce. While stocks last…