The electric bike is an ideal alternative to the car in every densely-populated city. And when you need to cycle around to meetings in a busy city centre, with electric you can get to your destination without breaking a sweat. There are lots of choices nowadays, but if it’s important for you to have a good-looking bike then VanMoof’s models might be worth a glance. This Amsterdam manufacturer is now offering two new models in the VanMoof Electrified series.

S2 and X2

The models are named the S2 and the X2. The S2 comes with top tube at normal height, while the X2 offers a slightly lowered top tube, and comes in a smaller frame size. The S2 is suitable for riders between 170cm and 210cm tall; in contrast, the X2 is intended for cyclists who are between 155cm and 200cm tall. Not only is the frame size different, but the wheels of the X2 are also smaller. The smaller bike is therefore slightly more manoeuvrable.

150km of pedal assistance

When riding a VanMoof Electrified bike, you can cover a distance of 150km with pedal assistance on a full battery in ‘economy mode’. If you use the strongest pedal assistance, you’ll have a range of about 60km. The battery will charge up to 50% in 80mins, so you could charge up over the late morning and take a carefree ride during a lunch break. It takes four hours to fully charge your battery. Despite the large size of the battery, the bike only weighs 19kg. Which is quite light for an electric bike.

VanMoof Electrified

In addition to an ingenious design, which conceals the battery, the new models also include some recently invented safety features. For example, when you park your bike properly as suggested by the manufacturer, it automatically shuts down. And when you are back in the neighbourhood, the smart bike knows you are close by using Bluetooth. That way you can unlock it without any worries.

This bike can go the maximum European speed of 25kph. Interested? Then you will have to place an order. After the down payment of € 100, – your chosen model is then manufactured.

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