The Netherlands and Europe are wide open for beautiful bicycle tours. Most places are easy to reach by car, and the eager among you will readily strap bicycles to the car roof, throw their bags in the trunk and set off. But, if you crave an adventure in distant lands then you’ve got to go by plane. The trouble is that your beloved bike could vanish or get destroyed during the process. And so, to prevent this, the people at Bikebox Online developed the VeloVault2. This new design will ensure that your bike arrives undamaged at your destination.

Fly safely with the VeloVault2

The VeloVault2 is a suitcase that weighs around 13kg. It’s a huge piece of luggage, and once your weighty bike is inside you might have to pay extra at check-in. The VeloVault2 creators however have designed this suitcase to protect your bike even if it is thrown around on the carrier belt, or if you have heavy flight turbulence. The so-called box is 122cm wide and can fit two 58cm wheels. You first have to disassemble your bike, of course, in order to fit everything inside.


Once you’ve packed everything in the box, then you could quite easily catch the train and go to the airport. The VeloVault2 has cool wheels that allow it to roll along behind you. You then just drop the suitcase at the check-in counter like any other oversize luggage. You can now go to the gate with peace of mind, and hopefully pick up your box again with ease on arrival. It also fits inside the trunk of most cars, so it is ideal if you want to arrive at the final destination via taxi or rental car. It is also possible to place the boc on the roof of your car.

The VeloVault costs about €530, – and is available in different colours here.