Thinking of buying a new bicycle? Got around €10,000 to spend? Excellent! Here are some of the most mouth-watering machines launched just before the start of the Tour de France 2018.

World’s fastest bike?

Cannondale’s self-proclaimed “world’s fastest” road bike was launched in early July 2018, just before the start of the Tour de France. The Cannondale SystemSix refers to the six elements of the bike that the company says it are collectively “in pursuit of speed”. The frame, front fork, seatpost, stem, handlebar and wheels were all taken into account when designing this air-defying aero powerhouse.


Ultra high-tech

This machine has been so intensively researched, that when the company launched the bike they published a white paper to explain all the technical details behind their “world’s fastest” claim. This includes information about how they measure “yaw weighted drag”. As the white paper explains: “this methodology provides a statistical weighting function for yaw angle distribution that is used to weight drag measured in the wind tunnel. Taking the normalized integral of this weighted curve provides a single value called Yaw Weighted Drag.”

So now you know. We think it’s a really bad-ass looking machine. The highest-spec version of this bike costs around $11,000. We would love to have one to test out…

Ridley Noah Fast Disc

The latest machine from Belgian bike-maker Ridley is the €8,000 Noah Fast Disc, as ridden by German sprinter André Greipel in the Tour de France 2018.

It takes a sharply-trained eye to find even one cable on this latest aero offering from Ridley. Virtually every single cable on this machine has been hidden away inside the handlebars, stem and frame. Beautiful to look at, for sure, but we don’t really fancy having to replace them at home.

Nevertheless the super-sleek design is a joy to behold, we must admit. All the design features of this bike have been drawn up from scratch for this model, which the makers claim “has no rival when cutting through wind”.

Specialized Venge 2019

This Specialized S-Works Venge ViAS is the model that Peter Sagan will race in the Tour de France 2018, although Sagan gets even more exclusive paint jobs than the stealthy-looking model above. Highly aero, highly developed and over 400 grams lighter than last-year’s model. The Venge is a design classic.

This 2019 model is “the most aerodynamic road bike [Specialized] have ever created”. It’s certainly a thing of beauty. The highest-specification S-Works version of this Venge will cost you a mere €12,500.