It’s unusually good weather in the Low Countries. And the long summer evenings make it relatively easy to find some time in our schedules for a decent training session outdoors. But indoor training? It’s far too hot for that, right? Well, that may have been the case in the past, because the latest gizmo from Wahoo, the Kickr Headwind, gives some incentive to train indoors even on the hottest days.

Pain cave

Anyone who has ever ridden on an indoor trainer knows that sweat is a central feature of this activity. The temperature in the room climbs swiftly, and the lack of road wind can make the whole experience feel very unpleasant in no time. Large ventilators are the solution, although at a certain point perspiration can still get the upper hand if you allow it.

Smart fan

The Kickr Headwind is a clever product to accompany the increasingly popular phenomenon of indoor training. As far as we are concerned, it could soon be put on everyone’s list of pain cave essentials. What makes the Headwind different to other fans? Like most devices it has three settings that you can adjust by hand, but it has a cool extra function: it can be set to respond to your level of exertion, be that heart rate, or speed. So the harder you train, the more air flow you get — quite realistic!

The Headwind has another advantage in that it has been specifically designed for cycling pain caves. This means that in addition to responding to your effort on the bike, it aims the air flow to hit the cyclist in the most true-to-life way. So whereas traditional fans generate a relatively limited air flow, this beauty creates a stream of air that passes over your whole body.

Do you want to prepare yourself for the ultimate Alpine climb? Or have you been looking for a new gadget in your pain cave for some time? The Wahoo Kickr Headwind costs €229,99 and you can order it here.