We love all the innovation and creative thinking that is swirling through the world of cycling these days. One of the first places where many of these great ideas hit the streets is the crowdfunding website Kickstarter. Here are a few brand new bike-related products which we would really like to own ourselves.

Vello foldable performance bike

This tasty little bike is a successful Kickstarter from Vienna, Austria. It’s a hand-built, foldable speed machine which uses a large magnet as a main feature of the folding mechanism and suspension. The 20-inch wheels make the Vello bike one step closer to a real bike, compared with other folding bicycles. It has built-in lights and a rear mudguard that (when mounted) folds with the rear wheel. We love the Speedster model (pictured above), but there are less sporty varieties for the chic and urban cyclists who don’t go for dropped handlebars. There are also a range of self-charging, titanium e-bikes by Vello, for the ultimate in assisted pedalling. The Speedster costs around €1,700, while a titanium e-bike will set you back around €4,000.

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We-Flashy reflective T-shirts

While not strictly just for cycling, we love the stylish-but-practical reflective garments made by New York-based fashion brand We-Flashy. The shirts have cool designs and as long as the weather’s nice and warm (ok, so we may not be in the warmest season right now, but hey) you can be seen, be safe, and be cool all at the same time.

Click here to see the Kickstarter.

Ottolock—tougher lock than it looks

This Kickstarter is an innovative new lock design from Ottolock, of Wilsonville Oregon. The makers (a group of cycle-mad product designers) say this lock is stronger than a cable, and far more practical than a hoop lock. We like the looks and love the practicality, but we don’t recommend leaving your bike overnight in Amsterdam with this one. However, it should ward off opportunistic thieves that don’t have bolt-cutters with them… Cost? Around €80.

Clug—the smallest bike rack (in the world)

It looks almost too small and simple to work, but the Clug is one of those wonderful gravity-defying designs that makes you ask yourself: Why hasn’t this been done before? It’s a wall-clip for your bike(s)—though you will need different sizes, depending on the type of machine you have. Billed as the smallest bike rack in the world, it’s from London-based Hornit, who also make “the loudest cycling horn on the market”. Interested in more groovy cycling gear? Here’s a good place to start. How loud is that horn? 140 decibels! Ow, that hurts.

Click here to see the Kickstarter.