For a long time no one was interested in the world hour record. There was a conflict over the rules, and therefore it was nearly impossible to do an attempt. But in 2014, this came to an end. The UCI introduced new rules for the riders and their bikes in order to facilitate participation in the world hour record. Since then, the record has been beaten five times. Bradley Wiggins still holds the record he set in 2015, going 54,526 meters in one hour. But soon, the record might be in Dutch hands.

Dion Beukeboom ventures an attempt

Dion Beukeboom wants to beat that record. To be honest, Dion Beukeboom doesn’t have the stature that Wiggins has, but this fast rider is determined to destroy the record. A few weeks ago he he placed fourth in the Dutch National Road Race Championships, proving that he can do some damage on a time trial bike. And Beukeboom will have a number of advantages over Wiggins…


Photo Courtesy: Cor Vos

What Wiggins achieved in London in 2015, Beukeboom is attempting to beat in Mexico. At the Aguascalientes Bicentenary Velodrome he will try to break the record. This course is situated at almost 2,000 meters above sea level, and therefore has less air resistance, so you can ride faster. The Danish rider Martin Toft Madsen first rode the hour record in Denmark and marked 52,324 meters in distance. On the same track as Beukeboom, the Dane reached 53,360 meters in July. Even with those numbers, he still fell short of the record by one kilometre, but this track in Mexico can make a big difference.

The last Dutchman who tried beat the world hour record was Thomas Dekker. He also tried in Mexico, but only got to 52,221 meters, which back then was about 250 meters short of the world record. So Dekker now holds the Dutch record. Will Beukeboom be faster? We will find out around 22:00 on Wednesday evening, August 22nd. The live stream starts 20:45, and you can find it here.