Now that the temperature is plummeting outdoors, the Zwift season has officially begun. For anyone who has not visited the virtual island since last winter, a lot has changed. Many new extensions are available including the virtual World Championship course in Innsbruck. And last week launched the long-awaited New York course. To celebrate the new course, you can now win a unique cycling outfit designed to capture the city vibe. A true New York outfit. On Zwift of course.

Tour of New York

The people behind Zwift love to throw a party and are not afraid to invite the whole community. For ten consecutive days, starting today, Zwift challenges you to complete five different courses. At your own pace. And participating is easy.

First sign up for the daily events, which start almost every hour, and start pedaling! When you register for the day event, you automatically start on the right course. Keep an eye on how many laps you must participate in to complete the five different courses. Simply signing up is not enough; you have to ride every course to win the unique virtual kit.

Zwift Events

Each course is available for two consecutive days. Which means there is always time to ride the different routes. But rest assured; even if you miss something, you still have a chance to win the unique kit. Saturday, November 3rd is a “catch-up day”. On this day you can revisit the courses and make up any missed days. Are you curious about the whole schedule? Then take a look at the Zwift Events page.

Are you aware of Zwift yet, or not interested in the outfit? Well, it’s still worthwhile to participate in the event. It is an excellent opportunity to explore the new virtual training area. Also, this is a good time to use the platform as a kick-off for winter training. Think of it as a motivation to get yourself into winter mode. Training indoors can be fun!

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